Living with Beavers

Beavers can be incredible allies. But sometimes humans and beavers can butt heads. That’s not surprising given that both species are top-of-the-line ecosystem engineers. Sometimes beavers build or chew where we’d prefer they don’t. Increasingly, there are ways to work out these conflicts. Here are a few of the most prominent examples of beaver coexistence tactics.

Pond Levelers and Beaver Deceivers

Pond levelers and beaver deceivers can be used to prevent beaver ponds from getting too high and flooding roads, fields, and infrastructure we value.

Living with Beavers - Pond Levelers and Beaver Deceivers

Road and Culvert Protection

Protecting culverts can prevent road blowouts while still allowing for beaver presence.

Living with Beavers - Road and Culvert Protection

Tree Protection and Fencing

Fencing can protect important or valuable trees while allowing beavers to eat and build with other available vegetation.

Living with Beavers - Tree Protection and Fencing

Beaver Relocation

If coexisting with beavers proves impossible, relocating beavers to somewhere else they can help is a good solution.

Living with Beavers - Beaver Relocation